Friday, March 26, 2010

My Prayer

The Wesley is holding a very powerful prayer room this week called C.H.O.P. So yesterday I decided to go and see what all hype was about! The spirit was so thick in that place and the intimacy of it all was so beautiful! As I was praying I grabbed a piece of paper and just decided to write out my feelings because words weren't measuring up to the feelings going on inside of my heart. This is what it came out to; if you don't understand it, thats absolutely okay. It goes much deeper than surface level thoughts and answers, and I know Jesus understood every word.


Be my everything. Even though I walk through the darkest Valley, hold my hand. EVEN MORE, pick me up and carry me in your arms that are strong and have held me through everything in the past. Oh how I desire to be your Daughter! Like you are breathing sweet vanilla and cinnamon in my face. That red colors (love) are portrayed through all my actions. Like a laughter of two best friends who have just discovered something absolutely ridiculous and tear are brought to their eyes. JOY! so much JOY! Jesus come to me in an exciting and passionate way. Sweep me off my feet. Play beautiful in my ears and revive my body with energy and passion. Your spirit meets with me at this very moment and I recall a De-Ja-Vu! WOW!! Nobody could possibly understand this but you! My biggest fear is drowning but drowing in your grace is my hearts cry! Jesus be my melody! Let me share love! So much that it overflows and I can't help but spill it everywhere. Im running through colors down a paved street and you wrap your arms around me and neither of us can let go. I fit so perfectly that I never want to leave. But you tell me to keep here. You have a plan and you aren't finished with me yet. So I continue walking and seeking you in all these places and I can't feel you. I sin! So much! It's overwhelming and convicting and I can barely breathe on the inside. I miss my Jesus. I miss that hug. That sweet reminder. I'm missing something! My passions are different from others, but I find myself having to compare myself to them because their's are showing up and mine isn't. Jesus I know that your alive. Mend my broken heart.

Your Beloved